What's in a name?

We are passionate about empowering teams to reach their full potential, no matter what their size or objectives may be. Our approach is akin to a thrilling treasure hunt, where the ultimate goal is to uncover the hidden gems within each team. Xodiac serves as the perfect vehicle to transport teams from their current position to their desired destination, much like a zodiac boat connects travellers with previously unexplored shores. We are committed to helping teams discover new possibilities and achieve their goals with enthusiasm and confidence.

And a logo?

The Xodiac logo is made up of four arrows directed at the same focal point. This symbolizes teams that achieve much larger and more meaningful results than any individual team member ever could. Combined they resemble a green thriving flower, with the arrows as petals, indicative of a healthy, thriving team. From the space in between the arrows emerges a plus sign, referring to the combined strengths of the team members exceeding the sum of the individual strengths. And of course, the logo as a whole represents the letter X.

Leadership team


Peter Maddison

Peter has been in the business of building high-performance teams and automating everything worth automating for the past couple of decades. He is a technologist who has worked in a variety of disciplines, from architecture to program management.

He is highly experienced in helping organizations accelerate their delivery practices and is equally comfortable talking about business strategy as he is talking about IT.


Gino Marckx

Gino is actively involved in the software development community and has coached individuals and organizations around the world as they embrace Agile and Lean principles and practices.

Driven by a clear vision, he strongly relies on his passion for team dynamics, his experience in leadership positions, and his technical expertise to help achieve Xodiac's ambitious mission.


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