Business Agility: What it is, and how it can benefit you

Peter Maddison
April 28, 2022
Reading time: 3 min

The modern marketplace is constantly evolving. Customers expect a fast return on investment of both their time and money. The complexity of many technology solutions now resides behind easily consumable web interfaces and SaaS services, making it easy to rapidly switch to alternative products. It is easier than ever to “try before you buy”, and if you don’t feel like you are getting the value, try something else. To counter this, consider how introducing Business Agility practices can protect and improve your bottom line. 

Below we discuss 5 areas where Business Agility adds benefits. We also discussed these on our Definitely, Maybe Agile podcast,  and over the next several weeks, we will dive deeper into each of them. Let’s start with what business agility is. 


What is Business Agility?

Business Agility is the ability of an organization’s culture, leadership, governance, and strategies to react to change. It is about providing value to all of an organization's stakeholders, from its internal teams to the customers themselves, in a complex business environment. 

So why introduce Business Agility? 

Business agility can help your business deliver value to your customers, ensure your business's survival, and help it thrive. There are many benefits to adopting business agility practices in your organization. Here are just five of the key benefits that business agility can bring.


Reducing Cost of Delivery

To maximize your profits and effectively raise your bottom line, your costs have to be minimized. Business Agility can help by improving your delivery processes, becoming more deliberate with its projects, and having a willingness to stop.

Increasing Revenue

Increasing revenue is a sure way to raise your company’s bottom line. Business Agility can help here by improving the quality of products, and establishing feedback loops to continually enhance them. Learning quickly and implementing the best market opportunities is the key to increasing revenue.

Increasing Profitability

Profitability helps companies measure their potential growth, which allows them to achieve long-term success and stability. Companies can increase their profitability by focusing on better understanding their customers. Business Agility helps improve alignment across your organization and beyond.

Improving Culture and Retention

One of the biggest costs of running a business is having to replace key individuals when they move on to other opportunities. Not only are you losing a proven team member, but you’re spending time trying to find a replacement and your capacity for work decreases.

Company culture plays an important role in how people feel about working for your organization. Business Agility can help in building a culture of collaboration; a culture that encourages participation and engagement across all levels. 

Creating Resilient Systems

Making the most important systems resilient ensures that your business is still making money, even during times of stress. When your systems are unavailable or unstable, customers may go elsewhere for service. Business agility helps to create resilient systems elevating the visibility of managing the availability of your core systems to the entire organization. Shifting the company’s culture to that of a learning organization changes unplanned events into opportunities to build back stronger.


Over the next several weeks,  we will dig deeper into each of these five benefits, explaining what they mean for your business and how you might achieve them.
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