Making every team thrive

Gino Marckx
October 16, 2018
Reading time: 2 min

As soon as the sun first rises above the horizon in Springtime and melts the accumulated snow and ice, high in the Canadian arctic on Baffin Island, the arctic poppy hangs on to every ray of light it can grab and livening up the rocks it grows in between and on top of. When the sun no longer disappears during midsummer nights, its stem rotates the full 360° so that the flower maximizes the benefits from the scarce warmth and light it needs to grow. The circumstances in the high arctic are harsh such that very few plants or animals can survive. Yet, the delicate arctic poppy has found a way to thrive there.

Not unlike you, we have also seen these situations and we believe there is a better way. We founded Xodiac to work with teams and give them the tools they need to achieve together what individual team members cannot, reaching their full potential. We founded Xodiac to make every team thrive, just like the arctic poppy.

Every team

Teams come in many different shapes and sizes with unique strengths and each aiming to achieve their particular goals. They need tools that are tailored to them, tuned to their environment and keep their objectives front and center.

At Xodiac we care about every single team, no matter which shape or size, and are working hard to one day reach them all. Because there are ample teams out there with unbridled potential sitting on the next game changer, the innovation leading us into the next century or answer to the world's biggest challenges and we are committed to give these teams the opportunity to succeed.


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