This is the time. Every crisis is an opportunity

Gino Marckx
March 31, 2020
Reading time: 3 min

We rarely find the time to invest in personal development when we are heads down in our work and lives. Often it only occurs when a situation where something outside of our control frees up time. Even then, it takes an effort to invest in our personal development. However, it is you. You who always wanted to improve but never found time or resources to do it. It is you who has this opportunity to invest in your future today!

With the economy having slowed to a point where many organizations either have to fire staff or find them not fully occupied, this is the perfect moment to invest in that improvement there never was time for previously. Perhaps this is the time for your teams to be engaged in a program x-raying your delivery process, identifying initiatives that will set you apart from the competition, and enabling you to come out of this crisis ahead.

What about when things go back to normal?

History has shown us that you can expect the rebound to be sharp. After an unprecedented, almost global, lockdown, we require all companies to fire on all cylinders. Businesses will want to retake their place in the economy as fast as possible. The cracks in their offering, created by the closure of some companies during these trying times, will need to be filled as well. Consumers will soon be eager to consume again and will need copious amounts of the products our businesses are offering.

Coming out of this, there may not be any time to improve, there may only be time to produce. Those who succeed in bouncing back will be those who use their time now to prepare.

How do we identify what to work on to build the foundation for what is to come?

What to invest in?

Here are some development opportunities we see in front of us right now:

  • If paperwork is still a crucial part of your business process, find a way to reduce it, or even get rid of it altogether.

  • If new releases keep on surfacing new problems with the underlying software, spend a portion of your teams’ time on identifying areas that need to improve in quality. Even more importantly, have your teams acquire modern software delivery practices.

  • If your product delivery process requires a lot of time for any decision to reach its conclusion, spend the time to identify opportunities to simplify.

What else can you work on at this moment? How will you use this situation we find ourselves in as an opportunity to grow and set yourself up for future success?


At Xodiac, we help our customers identify opportunities to get better and implement improvement initiatives. We interview stakeholders, run online workshops, and analyze deliverables and assets to build a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of any organization. Together with our partners, we make both short and long-term recommendations in line with the companies objectives. There is no reason not to do this today. On the contrary, there are many reasons to start this now.

Every crisis offers opportunities. Make this crisis your chance to invest in your future!


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