With permission, the Xodiac logo can be used in the following ways to support partnerships or promotional materials.

Under no circumstances can the logo be represented altered: by changing proportions, clipping areas, colours, text, layout or in any other way. The logo always needs to be represented on top of a solid background colour (no pictures or gradient), unless explicitly approved by Xodiac (2018) Inc.

Download high resolution images of the various representations of the logo.

Xodiac green

  • RGB: #009600

  • Pantone: 2427 C on light background

  • Pantone: 2259 C on dark background

Layout variations

The three elements of the logo (icon, name and tag line) can be combined in the ways listed below. The description next to the layout variation explains how and when to use that particular layout.


The horizontal layout is the default logo. In most cases, use this logo.


The horizontal layout with tagline representation can be used when the logo is presented large enough for the tag line text to be comfortably readable.


The vertical layout should only be used when the horizontal layout does not fit the available real estate.

Colour variations

A variety of colour variations are available to ensure that the logo can always be represented with sufficient contrast.


Use the colourful logo whenever possible. The icon is represented in Xodiac green while the textual elements are black on a white background.

This is the only valid representation for the horizontal layout with tag line.


Use the colourful on black logo whenever needing to represent the logo on a black background.


The monochrome black logo can be used on a light background or on a white background when only monochrome images are allowed.


The monochrome white logo can be used on a dark background or on a black background when only monochrome images are allowed.


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