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Advisory Services

Here we provide an overview of our packaged services. Each service has a detailed page that describes what to expect from the engagement. If you have any questions or have an idea in mind that is customized to your needs, please contact us.

Whether you are adopting Agile, implementing DevOps, undergoing a Cloud Migration, or guiding your Digital Transformation

Our services will help you identify where to go and keep you on track to achieve your objectives.

Our mapping services are complementary and together will provide you with not only valuable technical and product roadmaps, but help bring clarity and alignment to your teams.


Flow Engineering

From friction to flow with 4 Maps. The Flow Engineering practice not only creates clarity and alignment across your teams with amazing tangible results but also provides you with a roadmap for how to optimize your value delivery practices.

Purpose: Select to optimize how your organization delivers value.


Powerful Roadmaps

This proven framework identifies the risks in your product plans and uses them to create a powerful product roadmap, resilient to rapid changes in the marketplace.

Purpose: Select to optimize what value your organization delivers.

Corporate Training

To enable and support teams as they adopt new ways of working, we offer training programs designed to rapidly upskill people.

We are proud that our training experience is deliberately different. Our workshops are highly interactive, drawing on attendees and our real-life experiences. They are highly experiential learning sessions, using tools and exercises developed to give attendees a deeper experience with the material.

Additionally, we've partnered with the DevOps Institute as a Registered Education Partner and are pleased to offer their excellent training material intertwined with Xodiac experiential learning methods.

All training has been fully adapted to be delivered virtually.


Agile Thinking

Our Agile Thinking interactive workshop covers the foundational elements you need to understand the "why" behind the adoption of any agile, DevOps, lean, or value stream management practice. Refresh and deepen your understanding and learn how to apply Agile Principles in your unique environment.


DevOps Training

DevOps is critical to delivering business value in today's world. Bring your teams up to speed with the latest training in DevOps practices. We take you beyond technical skills to understand what you truly need to succeed with DevOps. As a Registered Education Partner of the DevOps Institute, we offer a comprehensive suite of experiential workshops to cover your DevOps needs.

I was expecting Xodiac to come in, ask a few questions and then make up a report I'd disagree with, like other consultancies I've dealt with. This was entirely different. Throughout the workshop, we were the ones creating the roadmap. I learned more about the end-to-end system than I knew before and, more importantly, about what was on my colleagues minds!

Invaluable experience!

Head of development, Insurance company

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