Remove the barriers from adopting agile

Do your delivery teams have an agile mindset?

Continuously improve existing delivery methods

Adapt quickly to address ever-changing requirements

Identify where to focus first for improvements

Our Agile Thinking at Scale program will get you there.


Does this sound familiar?

  • Slow software delivery

  • Inconsistencies in addressing issues

  • Lack of common methodology for continuous improvement

Agile Thinking at Scale helps you and your teams:

  • Understand how to create an agile mindset

  • Apply a results-oriented thought process

  • Nurture a learning organization culture

The xodiac approach

Agile Thinking is a cornerstone of Xodiac’s transformation method and has benefited hundreds of teams and thousands of participants around the world. The experiential learning experience helps remove the barriers the naturally crop up when somebody says "let's do agile!"

Why Agile Thinking?

  • Agile Thinking is all about training participants into applying a results-oriented thought process.

  • It is about nurturing the very mindset that is at the heart of any learning organization.

  • Agile Thinking at Scale shows participants how to leverage an agile mindset, regardless of the delivery context.

The xodiac difference

  • Deep expertise and candour

  • Actionable insights

  • Learn where to start

  • Next steps you can achieve and understand

Agile Thinking workshop

  • Experience the principles behind every agile method or practice in a full day in person workshop (virtual delivery options available)

  • Learn how to benefit from agile practices and how to immediately apply them

  • Get introduced to a coaching framework that enables continuous improvement

Train-the-trainer program

Agile Thinking is not just for today, you need it tomorrow too.

  • Efficiently scale the benefits of Agile Thinking across the organization

  • Understand different ways of learning and retaining information

  • Develop an increased capacity to make decisions, facilitate, and teach


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