Agile Thinking


Agile Thinking will provide your team with this deep understanding of the principles underlying any agile practice, method, or process. It will help your team to get the most out of the practices it uses today and introduce practices that address immediate problems. Agile Thinking will help you implement Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, DevOps, and other practices in a way that makes sense for you and your teams.

Agile Thinking is your first step in sustainably transforming your organizational culture to become a learning organization.

Agile Thinking is delivered as four, 2-hour fully interactive workshops. We've found that 2 hours is best for participants to remain focused in this virtual environment. At the end of the workshop, you will be provided access to relevant links and material. We also conduct a group coaching session 1-2 weeks after the main workshop session to reinforce the learning and dig deeper into any challenges in day-to-day work.

We also offer a condensed Agile Thinking for Leadership course consisting of two workshops and focused on the portfolio management and systems thinking elements of Agile Thinking. As with all our Agile Thinking workshops, we tailor the content to the needs of the organization while still ensuring we cover the critical elements.

Agile Thinking consists of six principles as shown in the diagram below:


What problem does it solve?

Agile practices have been designed to tackle specific challenges in well-defined team environments. When your organization's culture doesn't match the one depicted by these practices, it can be a struggle for employees to understand or adopt - especially when it leads them to frustration and mediocre results. Although simple on the surface, it takes time and practice to gain a proper understanding of agile principles. Having this understanding will increase the success of your IT initiatives.

Does this mean that agile practices are not valuable for those teams? Does it mean that we first need to change the organizational structure before we can get the benefits that agile practices are trying to bring? Not at all. While not all agile practices - or at least as they are described in the literature - will provide you with immediate benefits for your team and their objectives, all agile principles are applicable and will help guide your team to make meaningful decisions on the way to delivery. Armed with a deep understanding of the principles, your team can adjust some practices to fit their unique context and get the benefits they are after.

What's covered?

We cover many topics in the interactive workshops, using exercises to covey concepts and provide participants with hands-on experience with the material they are learning. Topics include:

  • What is Agile really?

  • Understanding objectives

  • Agile principles in your pocket

  • How to create fast feedback loops

  • Iterative and incremental delivery

  • Identifying and removing waste

  • Collaboration and cooperation

  • Quality and systems thinking

  • How to apply Agile Thinking to your daily work

Agile Thinking has enabled over 2,000 participants to have a deeper understanding of how to create more agility in their daily work, leading to more results-oriented conversations and a better focus on value delivery. Our customers have indicated immediate benefits.

What to expect



Different people have a different understanding of what agile principles and practices entail. We run a short survey to get insight into what participants expect from the workshop and how they see it impact their daily work.



A full-day in-person workshop (delivered online in 4 sessions) lets participants experience the underlying principles that are behind every agile method or practice, learn how to benefit from agile practices in any environment, and discover a coaching framework enabling continuous improvement.


Reinforce learning

When the participants have had a chance to implement the workshop's learnings during their daily activities, we followup with an additional survey. This allows us to build a plan with the customer that further cements the benefits of Agile Thinking.



We provide a train the trainer program for Agile Thinking enabling organizations to independently expand the impact of the Agile Thinking program with all their current and future employees.

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