Coaching Development

Do you want your people to learn how to coach agile teams?

Build your own program for coaching at scale

Better enable your teams to deliver customer value

Help your teams develop an agile delivery mindset

Our Coaching Development program will empower your teams.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve had some success with Agile Thinking in your software delivery practice

  • To create more agile teams, you need more coaches

  • You need a program to develop coaches

Coaching Development helps you and your teams:

  • Understand the objective of agile coaching

  • Nurture a continuous improvement mindset

  • Develop coaches who help teams implement strategies to achieve growth objectives

Coaching development program timeline


The xodiac approach

Xodiac has designed a Coaching Development program arming aspiring coaches with facilitation, leadership and interpersonal skills.

As these skills cannot be acquired in a classroom setting alone, the program relies on a mix of education, practice and mentorship.

Why Agile Thinking?

  • Agile Thinking is all about training participants into applying a results-oriented thought process.

  • It is about nurturing the very mindset that is at the heart of any learning organization.

  • The Coaching Development program enables organizations to fill the need for coaching at scale

The xodiac difference

  • Deep expertise and candour

  • Actionable insights

  • Learn where to start

  • Next steps you can achieve and understand

Intake – Assessment interview

  • Interview with aspiring coaches to assess understanding of agile principles

  • Assess expectations related to coaching and the coaching development program

  • Assessment increases chances of retention and the success rate of the program

Application – Individual mentoring

  • Mentoring on individual growth path towards becoming a coach

  • Mentor will guide aspiring coaches on how to approach unique challenges in their teams

  • At the end of the program are evaluations and graduation


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