Powerful Roadmaps


Our Powerful Roadmaps technique takes a risk-based approach to create a roadmap that is more than a static sequence of desired features and instead based on creating a dynamic and responsive roadmap to the changing demands of your customers, organization, and business environment.

A good roadmap is dynamic and provides opportunities to change directions. The objective is to deliver the highest value in the most effective way. Think of our service like the maps application on your phone. Through our knowledge and experience, the client can learn of obstacles up ahead and decide to take a different path. We may also recommend additional routes and stops along the way, creating opportunities to add value while meeting the primary objective. 

What problem does it solve?

Any organization’s ability to focus on what matters most to their customers is directly related to their ability to get valuable feedback from them. While more and more organizations embrace agile practices during the development of their services, they often lack in how they collect feedback and therefore don’t get the benefits they are after. After all, what is the upside to investing in being able to pivot, if there is no information available to guide the direction of that pivot?

The fact that many roadmaps leave little room for flexibility significantly contributes to this and building powerful roadmaps is a really hard task. How does one get feedback about a house without building it completely? How does one give feedback about a car without being able to drive it around the city for a couple of hours?

A powerful roadmap is a practical technique that allows any organization to get valuable feedback from their customers, every step of the way.

What's covered?

We work with our stakeholders to clarify the goal, identify risks and provide mitigating actions. From this, we help build out your product roadmap using our Powerful Roadmap techniques.


What to expect


Identify the problem

Meet with all key stakeholders to align on the prime objective of the engagement. Work with participants to define desired outcomes of the roadmap. Converge on success criteria and have a clear understanding of the path forward.


Build high-level solution

We will identify the significant features that the solution will need to achieve its objective. We organize these into a high-level solution architecture, creating an understanding of each major component or system's responsibilities in the process.


Identify and prioritize risk

Now we identify all known assumptions and risks. We prioritize them according to the impact on your success and the probability of them occurring, creating a powerful guide on where to focus first.


Mitigate risks

With the high-level solution in mind, we identify mitigating actions for our known risks among the desired features. For those risks that are still unaddressed, we design new or modify existing features using well-defined patterns.


Assess risk reduction

The visualized roadmap further cements the alignment between all stakeholders and opens the opportunity for further discovery. The roadmap is not linear. At every junction in the roadmap, your options and decision criteria are clear.


Prioritize functionality

You will need to keep your roadmap up to date to include any new discoveries and answer questions as they arise. Your roadmap is continuously evolving to consider the changing needs of the market, customers, and teams.

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